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Why we use bioescaner molecular 8d?


What is bioescaner molecular 8d?

8d lris health analyzer

8d lris health analyzer

The bioescaner molecular 8d is the most revolutionary program for scanning and analyzing the various organs and systems of the physical body without having to make a medical or surgical intrusion.This device scans each organ and tissue on a cellular level. It compares the measurements to a database of thousands of referenced conditions and their diagnosis. bioescaner molecular 8d uses a special emitter to modulate the carrier frequency for the cell communication and it uses special sensor trigger readers built into headphones to read the cells own signals.bioescaner molecular 8d health analyzer to light waves,sonar,through the eardrum into the human body,use of quantum resonance techniques to probe the specific organs of the body tissue of the hydrogen atomic energy ,the resonance of electromagnetic waves and then feedback to the computer,Compared with fine huge database,thus find the detection organs present,past,and the next 3 ~5 years,the health status database was established by famous scientist of the former Soviet Union and the United States which spent 35 years,spending tens of billions of national research funds,a collection of different sex,different ages,different races,different diseases,different clinical data.

How bioescaner molecular 8d work?

This device scans each organ or tissue on a cellular level. It compares the measurements to a database of thousands of referenced conditions and their diagnosis. bioescaner molecular 8d uses a special emitter to mo dulate the carrier frequency for the cell communication and it uses special sensor trigger readers built into headphones to read the cells own signals.

bioescaner molecular 8d finds out how stressed an organ is, and if there are any diseases developing, how much the cells are influenced by a specific disease, and which micro organisms and bacteria are in the area at the time of the scan.

bioescaner molecular 8d is the most important tool we have for analyzing an organ’s stress levels and dysfunction.

The bioescaner molecular 8d diagnoses illness and imbalan ces or weaknesses which could lead to illness.

bioescaner molecular 8d has been developed in Russia, and is a revolutionary invention. bioescaner molecular 8d is a machine for data contro lled diagnosis and treatment, and is a result of many years co – operation between Russian scientists and medical doctors. bioescaner molecular 8d diagnostics show the different defects and pathological changes in human organs and tissues.The method is based on an analysis of the brain stems electromagnetic waves which contain the complete information of the entire organism. This information is read by a sensor. A frequency transmitter aimed at the projection area of the brain stem stimulates this electromagnetic radiation.

8d lris manual

8d lris manual

original 8d lris 8d lris health analyzer

Why we use bioescaner molecular 8d?

Why Choose bioescaner molecular 8d Diagnostics? Here at bioescaner molecular 8d we hold two fundamental truths: Innovation and Support. Our first priority is to innovate and create a device which is incredibly accurate, affective and user friendly. Then other priority is our customers. Without great support, training and accessible customer service a great product becomes mediocre because people need to be confident in their ability to operate the system correctly.

Lifetime Software Updates NO ADDITIONAL COST
Unlimited Training Sessions NO ADDITIONAL COST
Customer support without 24 hours NO ADDITIONAL COST
Software Customization NO ADDITIONAL COST
1 Year Warranty on the bioescaner molecular 8d Hardware


Prior to purchasing a medical device, it is advisable to research precisely what is being purchased, in particular whether or not the device meets all safety requirements and accreditations from an independent body. Purchasing medical equipment carries responsibilities for the manufacturer, retailer, the buyer, and the patient. Purchasing a fake or modified device can have devastating consequences. Only purchase medical equipment from authorised retailers with medical professionals as part of their staff.

Carefully read contents of booklets, brochures and web-pages. Pay special attention to information about distributor/manufacturer of offered products. Information materials that you have must indicate name of a company, name of a responsible person from that company, legal address, contact phone numbers and electronic addresses.

When contact information is obtained of such company, communicate with the staff of this company and make sure that the company really does exist, and that they are an authorised distributor / representative of the manufacturer.

Ask the distributor / manufacturer of the product about the history of its creation and development – for example: who created the product, where and when it was clinically tested, where and when safety records were conducted, what models were produced in the past, and what models are planned to be produced, etc. Try to check received information.

Prior to purchase, obtain a contract with a binding offer from the distributor in which a detailed description and delivery is clearly communicated concerning the proposed equipment. Confirm training by a medical professional is a part of the proposal, as well as after sales support. The following documents must be provided together with a device:

bioescaner molecular 8d

bioescaner molecular 8d

bioescaner molecular 8d

passport of manufacturing plant,
user’s manual,

When buying a system with the “Metatron” trademark with software similar by appearance and name to products of the IPP LLC, or at a price much lower than market price, or not from authorised representatives of the IPP LLC, or if any other doubts arise, it is recommended to contact NLS Australasia for clarification.

When purchasing a system from other manufacturers and with other trademarks, distinct from “Metatron™”, containing however software similar by appearance and name to products of the IPP, it is recommended to contact us for clarification.

Should the price include training courses on system handling, make sure that the distributor / manufacturer, or any other authorized person has the necessary medical competence and experience to provide the training. It is advisable to obtain certifications from persons graduated from such training courses. The same rules are applicable for separate training courses, extension courses, etc.
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To learn more about the various models that offer diagnostic perspectives from Western, Traditional Chinese, or Ayurvedic medicine, please visit the models pages.
Alternatively, our friendly professional medical staff who are ready to assist you with your enquiry, can be contacted by clicking on the contact us page.


Who need use bioescaner molecular 8d?

bioescaner molecular 8d can be used by anyone who is interested in quickly and effectively examining the health of their patients, clients, friends, family or employees. Accurate analysis is the driving factor of our company and no matter whom you are or what you do, you will be well informed with the information you will gather from the bioescaner molecular 8d device, and so will everyone you work with.
Remember that the information is being gathered on a cellular level, and the beauty of this method of diagnosis is that before anything is manifested, it is found.
People who fall under any of the following categories are welcome, advised and will find benefit in using and having a bioescaner molecular 8d bio feed back device.

FAMILY DOCTORS-The device allows detecting and monitoring the expression of genetically caused diseases among all family members

CLINICS AND MEDICAL UNITS-Greatly increases the efficiency of clinical examination and the initial reception. Significantly lower costs of finance and time. Physicians are exempt from routine and often formal work. No need to send your clients to other specialists, you can assist them by examining all the concerns they have and providing treatment, and healing methods.

EDUCATION FACILITIES AND SCHOOLS-Becomes a real continuous monitoring of the health of all children and staff at intervals of not less than once a month, the ability to assess the adequacy of student’s health.

SPORTS, RECREATION CENTERS AND FITNESS FACILITIES-Objective medical monitoring is required whenever there is a serious exercise. This equipment allows us to create an individual program, taking into account features of the organism.

FAMILY AND FRIENDS-DOLMA bioescaner molecular 8d is a great tool to monitor the health of your family and friends. Provides means of checkup, treatment and healing without having to spend large amounts of finances on health care services.

COSMETIC AND SPA SALONS-Concern about the health of its customers – a very strong competitive trump card. Objective assessment of the client can choose individual cosmetic program and achieve impressive results.

8d nls health analyzer

8d nls lris

8d nls analyzer

8d nls health analyzer price

8d-nls professional frequency analysis

8d nls body health analyzer

bioescaner molecular 8d

bioescaner molecular 8d

bioescaner molecular 8d price

We are bioescaner molecular 8d ,if you need more and price please contact us.

what price oberon nls?

Nazwa urządzenia Metatron TG  7876-4021
Metapathia EMERALD/bioescaner molecular 8d 
Metatron TG  7876-4025 Hunter
Metapathia HUNTER
Wewnętrzna częstotliwość generatora 4,9  GHz 4,9  GHz
filt sygnalu wchodzącego + +
filtr sygnalu (Writing/Reading + +
Trafność diagnostyki
Organy 85-90% 85-95%
Vir. histologia 80-85% 85-90%
Struktury genetyczne 75-80% 80-90%
Certyfikat EC + +
Cena 27,000 PLN 37,000 PLN

We are the bioescaner molecular 8d ,oberon nls,oberon 4021 supplier,if you need the price,please contact use the get the price.


8d lris manual

8d lris manual




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