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What The 8D-NLS can do in the health field


What The 8D-NLS can do in the health field

8d-NLS diagnostics show the different defects and pathological changes in human organs and tissues. The method is based on an analysis of the brain stems electromagnetic waves which contain the complete information of the entire  organism. This information is read by a laser. A frequency transmitter aimed at the projection area of the brain stem stimulates this electromagnetic radiation. 8d-NLS first and foremost measures where in the body there is any weakness  or disease. The frequency of several thousand healthy and sick organs and tissues have been measured for several years by the Russian researchers, and these make the basis of comparisons for the measurements. If the patient’s frequencies  in an organ or tissue are near the average of a healthy organ or tissue it is considered normal. The greater the difference is, the sicker the organ or tissue.

The stability of that scanned signal is then picked up by resonance detectors mounted in the headphones that the person is wearing that then feed the information back into the 8d-NLS software/hardware interface. That information is  immediately compared with thousands of stored patterns in the database. The results are super imposed on an anatomical photo or image of the area being scanned. This provides an energetic representation of the condition of the area being  evaluated. There are six possible representations of the scanned object or area shown with coloured numbered icons.

Should the patient’s results coincide with the average frequency of an organ with a specific illness will one, in addition, know which specific illness that patient has. All the measurements are done with respect to age and sex, so that  the results may be as correct as possible. For acute problems one treatment session is often sufficient to eliminate the problem. For chromic issues several sessions may be necessary. An effective correction can be made of the disturbed  balance within the body by loading the organ frequencies into water, alcohol or pills or cream. The remedies will work in the manner of a Mora or Bicom therapy, converting the disharmonies frequencies into harmonious frequencies The  frequencies of numerous Homeopathic remedies stored in the computer can also be loaded into water, alcohol, pills or cream. Remedies not in the computer can be tested for their effectiveness. Virtual information test of nutritional  supplements. 8d-NLS can also measure the microflora in different organs. The electromagnetic frequency of known bacteria, parasites etc are stored in the software. One searches for these frequencies in different organs, and thus one can  find out which microflora is in each organ. In the same way one can also measure the effect of several hundred pharmaceuticals from the database, to be able to find out which preparation is most effective for the specific problem.

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