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What is biofeedback scan?


What is biofeedback scan?

Biofeedback scanning requires a frequency sweep to be input to the body, plus a system to monitor the results of this. As this sweep is being transmitted, it will kill or injure pathogens. Your body registers these events as stresses, and each one is clearly reflected in your heart rate.Spooky Pulse is a non-damped cardiac monitor capable of detecting the most minute changes in pulse rate. As the scan sweep progresses, Spooky2 correlates each stress event with the exact frequency that caused it. In Rife, this is called a “hit.” Depending on your settings, it will then analyze all the hits, then select the 10 or 20 that were strongest.

The frequencies which caused these are assembled into a program you can save and use to treat the problems found.Depending on your Spooky2 rig, scanning every seven or four days is highly recommended. Spooky Central users should use the results program in a killing preset and run it once a day for four days, then scan again. Contact Mode users should run it once daily for seven days, then scan again. Remote Mode should be run non-stop for a week, then scan again. Repeated scans are necessary.

How it work?

The human body, it may surprise you to learn, is made up of more than 50% bacterial cells. Most of these organisms are harmless,some are beneficial, and some cause disease. Spooky2 is not capable of telling the difference between them – it can only report how big a stress the destruction of each caused in your body. To put it another way, it lists the organisms that “screamed loudest.”But there’s no guarantee that these are the nasty ones. In fact, serious pathogens are often able to hide from your immune system because they’ve developed stealth strategies. So while they may be hit and killed, their presence might not register over the”noise” of trillions of other bacteria, all of which are also being hit. Repeated scans are necessary to “clear the stage” of all the loud and melodramatic organisms first.

When that’s done, Spooky2 can now “hear” the bad guys clearly. Biofeedback scanning islike peeling an onion, layer by layer.Before you scan, you must first stop or pause all generators operating in Remote Mode because you should only be receiving the input scan sweep frequencies, and no others. You should quit Spooky2, then connect Spooky Pulse directly to a USB port on your PC – not a hub, because these delay the monitoring signals. You should see a green LED light on the unit, and if you connect the infrared sensor to your finger or ear, a red LED should blink in time with your pulse.There are no known contraindications for properly administered biofeedback scanning. The amount of energy used in a scan is so low that it is safe for infants, children, adults of all ages, for people with pacemakers, and pregnant women. This biofeedback machine has also been used to test certain animals by applying the Hand Cradle to the skin of the belly.

Clinical studies have compared these scan reports with results produced by generally accepted diagnostic methods. One pilot study conducted in Beijing USA compared the results of a four-minute scan to a two-day diagnostic workup on several hundred patients. The results showed a high correlation. This study was not undertaken with the idea that biocommunication scanning is an alternative to diagnostic testing, but to determine the clinical value of scan results as a guide for doctors ordering diagnostic workups.

How to use it?

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