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What is biofeedback devices?


What is Biofeedback devices?

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Simply put, Biofeedback is utilizing your own awareness and monitoring the biological signals produced by your body. For instance you can become aware of your breath and change the frequency of the breathing rate to encourage a relaxation response.What is Biofeedback? Biofeedback is a learning process in which people are taught to improve their health and performance by observing signals generated by their own bodies. It is scientifically based and validated by studies and clinical practice. It is a highly effective way to control stress, realize true relaxation and help achieve important personal goals. Fear, over-eating, smoking, anxiety, and other problems are actually linked to, or aggravated by, stress. For some, stress is a stimulant to effective action, but for others it’s a barrier to self-fulfillment. The secret is knowing your reaction to stress, and using this new awareness as a springboard to a life in control. A life where you can release the powers of the mind for greater achievement and better health. Biofeedback is the widely-used and medically-accepted technique for teaching us to control stress, achieve relaxation, and channel talents and energies toward realizing our full potential. Our home biofeedback machines make you aware of your unconscious “involuntary” physical reactions to stress – “feeding back” subtle changes in stress levels.

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You’ll be able to hear or see changes in your stress level! The dangers of stress are well-documented. We have learned that stress has a real and significant effect on our health and our performance in life, work and sports. We all know how our hands become “sweaty” before a important meeting, or a first date. This is because when we are excited or anxious the sweat glands on the hands secrete small amounts of moisture. The secret of biofeedback is that the most minute changes can be detected and monitored using a Galvanic Skin Resistance Monitor (GSR). Biofeedback offers a unique, non-invasive window on your body’s stress level. It monitors and “feeds-back” how well you are succeeding at reducing your stress levels. Rest your fingers on the monitors two sensing plates and it emits a tone. Increasing tension is indicated by a rising tone. When you apply stress management techniques the tone goes down. The feedback of your success is instantaneous. This gives you the user instant understanding of what techniques are working and which are not. Biofeedback shows people how to use their mind to take voluntary control over their body. When using a biofeedback machine, your inner body’s signals are fed back to you in a tangible way. You can then make the necessary changes to achieve the results you wish.

When you use electronic instrumentation to monitor your body’s physiology it displays that information back to the you; hence the name bio-logical signal feed-back. With electronic monitoring you can increase your sensitivity and awareness of physiological activity in various areas and organ systems of your body. With this new awareness, you can change your body’s ‘dys-‘function’ into healthy functioning.

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How Does biofeedback devices Work?

Biofeedback instruments provide feedback on aspects of the body that react to stress (the autonomic nervous system). Physiologically, a healthy body will return to a relaxed state after a stressful event. If the body remains ‘revved up’ for long periods of time in response to stress it can cause breakdowns in many different body systems. This breakdown can result in painful symptoms or some chronic functional problems. Biofeedback shows what is not functioning properly so you can take steps to regain control of your body to establish function and eliminate symptoms. Below are descriptions of situations where biofeedback can be used with positive effect.

Generalized Stress and Relaxation
If you have generalized stress, learning to use a strategy that accesses the relaxation response for the entire body is the most appropriate. Daily relaxation is excellent for preventing the build up of generalized stress, promoting an inner sense of well-being and centeredness.

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