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vector v16 nls what it?how work and who need it?


What is the Vector V16 NLS?

vector v16 nls vector v16 nls vector v16 nls vector v16 nls

Vector V16 NLS machien is a database analysis system for pathomorphology, microbiology, biochemistry, immunology, pharmacology, organ preparation, nutritional drugs and clinical medicine.
main function
1. Human detection function
Detectable systemic 12 large systems, hundreds of organs, glands, cells … Thousands of diseases are predicted to be reported, and a list of 120,000 throughout the body ensures accurate detection. Clients can see trends in their current and past organ health and tissue cell viability for the next 3 to 5 years.

2. Item (commodity) analysis function
It is possible to analyze whether food, health care products and other items have an effect or damage to the human organism, so as to mediate a balanced state of life.

3. Maintenance handling function
It has an energy spectrum of repair and restorative functions, up to the early stages of the disease or before its formation, and is particularly useful as an adjunct to pain point repair.
Over 5000 tests of spectral standards


B # Biochemical homeostasis

C # Pathological Morphology

D # Allergen

E. Microbiology and health

F# Homoeopathy

G # Homeopathy

H # Physiotherapy

I. Health food and pharmaceutical preparations

J # Food

K # Osteopathic treatment

L # trace elements

M # Therapeutic Beauty

N # Bach Flower.

O # Bach Flower Extract

S7 Salahara Meridian: VC + VG

S6 AJNA meridians: MC + TR

S5 VISHUDHA meridian: P + GI + Sk + Sd

S4 ANAHATA meridians: C + IG

S3 MANIPURA meridians: F + VB + Fd + Advertising

S2 SVADHISTHANA meridians: R + V + Al + Ly

S1 MULADHARA meridian: RP + E

Mineral indicators

vitamin (loanword)

Vitamins and vitamin-like substances

SANUM: vitamin, antioxidant, minimum level

Vitamins and vitamin-like substances

vitamin schedule

Homoeopathy (vitamins and minerals)

Total supplements (vitamins and minerals)

Common vitamins and trace elements


emotional matrix

Homoeopathy (vitamins and purenelemente)


vector v16 nls

vector v16 nls

How vector V16 NLS works

The Quantum Entropy Logic-NLS principle developed by modern Russian scientists reveals that biological structures have bioenergetic fields, which include magnetic vortex oscillations recorded on the matrix. Pathological biological processes have an unstable magnetic vortex state (meta-state). These same Russian scientists developed techniques for isolating and recording the unstable magnetic vortex states associated with the corresponding biological processes. Vector-NLS is the most advanced quantum bioresonance analysis and treatment technology available today.

The human body is evaluated due to resonant amplification of the magnetic vortex state. Each organ has a specific frequency range for the magnetic vortex state, shown graphically. Any biological process, whether healthy or pathological, has very specific magnetic vortex oscillations. This information is stored in computer memory and takes into account the severity, age, gender and other characteristics of the subjects.

vector v16 nls what it?how work and who need it?

vector v16 nls what it and why it?

The VECTOR V16 NLS technology is classified as a biofeedback technology. The data were collected by resonant amplification of the magnetic vortex state of the entire biofield matrix using trigger sensors. By using computer-driven instruments in a safe, non-invasive, painless and effective manner, information from the entire biofield matrix can be displayed at the level of the chromosomal biofield.

The patient sits in front of a computer monitor with headphones on for 15 to 30 minutes. During this time, there is a collection of information about the state of his/her biofield. Thereafter, various analyses are performed and abstracts are displayed to reflect the patient’s energetic health status. Color icons show the various degrees of unstable magnetic vortex states displayed on a virtual model of the computer screen.
The overall professional compares the similarities between the computer monitor and the reference biofield process (healthy biofield, tissue biofield changed, infectious agent biofield) and identifies the closest emerging biofield process or trend.

In the art of energy restoration, we are committed to helping people regain their health and prevent unwanted degradation through today’s most advanced technology. Vector V16 NLS contains a list of more than 1000 anatomical sections of the biofield, detailed descriptions of each pathological biofield process, viral and bacterial biofields, suggested herbal biofields, drug preparation tools, Meta-therapy and many other sections with surprising accuracy and detail.

The ultimate goal will be to help you increase relaxation, reduce pain, increase cellular health and develop a healthier, more comfortable lifestyle, while enhancing your biofield substrate. The changes and possibilities are up to you and your practitioners.

vector v16 nls

vector v16 nls

vector v16 nls

Who can use vector v16 nls?

1. Family doctors

2. Clinics and medical institutions

3. Educational facilities schools

4. Nursing homes

5. Sports, recreational facilities

6. Spa and beauty salons

7. Health food direct salesman

Why do you need vector NLS?

With the number of biofeedback systems on the market ranging from $500-$30,000, there is a lot of confusion about the quality and true nature of these products. It is important to consider all the pros and cons of the system and the company behind it. Please ask as many questions as possible about training, support, software updates and customer service in order to make the best decision. Determine what you want the system to do for you (analysis, treatment, medication preparation, etc.), or if you are looking for a system that can do all of the above. Be prepared to pay for a quality product, but don’t overpay or underpay. Vector is always here for promotions and we are always willing to help people with their budgets, but we also have quality standards and we will not compromise. Each Vector Biofeedback purchase includes the following.

1 year warranty
Technical Support
customer service
Software Updates
Certification training

vector v16 nls

vector v16 nls

vector v16 nls

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vector v16 nls

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