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Oberon NLS Gebraucht Kaufen Why it and Where need it?


What Oberon NLS Gebraucht Kaufen ?

Oberon NLS Gebraucht Kaufen Oberon NLS Gebraucht Kaufen Oberon NLS Gebraucht Kaufen

Oberon NLS Gebraucht Kaufen

Als Oberon-Diagnostik (auchOberon NLS Gebraucht Kaufen Analyse) wird ein pseudowissenschaftliches Biofeedback-Verfahren bezeichnet, dem Anbieter wahre Wundereigenschaften als diagnostisches Instrument nachsagen. Später ist das Verfahren auch als Metatron-Diagnostik bekanntgeworden.In Deutschland werden Oberon-Geräte unter anderem von der Hamburger Firma Metavital Service GmbH (Ljudmila Michajlova) vertrieben.

Die Oberon-Diagnostik wird auch als NLS-Verfahren bezeichnet (NLS = Nichtlineare System-Diagnose). Es handelt sich dabei um eine Kombination eines Biofeedback-Verfahrens und der Elektroakupunktur nach Voll. Weitere Bezeichnungen bzw. Gerätenamen analoger Geräte sind Metascan, Medicomat, Vitascanning, Etascan, Scenar, Vector, Lekomat oder Imago AuRum.Die Geräte sollen auf dem Prinzip einer nichtlinearen Diagnostik beruhen und anhand postulierter Veränderungen von Strahlenwerten im Körper Rückschlüsse auf einzelne Zellen und sogar Chromosomen erlauben. Sie sollen sich zur Diagnostik von Krankheiten aller Art eignen. Bezüge zur traditionellen chinesischen Medizin und Akupunktur werden hergestellt.Die Geräte werden inklusive PC-Software und Training im Franchise-Verfahren vermietet oder verkauft. Die Preise reichen von etwa 5.000 bis 30.000 Euro.

Oberon NLS Gebraucht Kaufen Why it and Where need it?

Oberon nls Analyse Erfahrungen What it?

Zwischen den einzelnen Zellen eines Körpers findet ein ständiger Informationsaustausch statt. Mittels Photonen (Lichtblitzen) findet diese Kommunikation über bestimmte Frequenzen statt. Gesunde Körper schwingen in einer bestimmten Weise. Ein Körper mit gestörtem Energiefluss schwingt anders. Eine gestörte Zellkommunikation führt zu “Verstimmungen”, unklaren Befindlichkeitsstörungen, Leistungsschwäche und verdichtet sich später zu Störungen von Organfunktionen und pathologischen Veränderungen im Organ.
Diagnostische Funktion des Oberon-Systems

Oberon NLS Gebraucht Kaufen Oberon NLS Gebraucht Kaufen

What can do Oberon NLS Gebraucht Kaufen?

Complex Analysis of all organs and systems of the human body:

1.The cardiovascular system

2.Gastro-intestinal tract

3.Genital-urinary system

4.Musculoskeletal system

5.Bronchi-pulmonary system

6.The endocrine system

7.Visual and hearing aids/organs

8.The nervous system

9.Biochemical analysis of blood without interference

10.Infection in the organs and systems – viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, helminths infection, etc. (staphylococci and streptococci, giardiasis, trichomonas, chlamydia, urea plasma, and so on)

11.Qualitative assessment of hormone levels, adrenal, pituitary, pancreas, thyroid, gonads

12.Level of immunity

13.Allergy diagnosis (complex tests up to 500 allergens)

14.Medical testing (individual selection of drugs)

15.Chromosomal diagnosis

16.Laboratory Analysis (blood counts, biochemical parameters, hormones, trace elements)

17.Treatment of pathological processes identified by the bio resonance therapy (meta-therapy).

18.The treatment method litho-therapy (spectral frequencies individually selected minerals)

19.Fear, Emotional Matrix, relationship Matrix,etc.

Oberon NLS Gebraucht Kaufen

Oberon NLS Gebraucht Kaufen Why it ?

1. Equipment set up on a modern element base, has a stylish design, and interfaces with a PC via USB-port.
2. The Oberon NLS Gebraucht Kaufen has a digital trigger sensor in the unit and an analog trigger sensor which is built into the Bio-inductor.
3. There is a registration CE certificate.
4. The program works steadily on any Windows operating system (XP, Vista,Windows7, Windows8/8.1/ Window10 32/64-bits).
5. The program is translated into many languages and updated regularly.
6. New versions are available for free upgraded.
7. The software run faster, with better compatibility
8. Support the higher resolution.
9. 12-core processors.
10. Contrast database Accuracy 95%.
11. Assessment of the CHAKRA and AURAmptom can be recognized in time, and with Biofoton frequency therapy it is possible to remedy any changes.

Oberon NLS Gebraucht Kaufen

Oberon NLS Gebraucht Kaufen Where need it?


Doctors including family doctors
Hospitals and clinics
Educational institutions
Gyms, sports centers, and various recreational departments
Spas, beauty centers, and cosmetic facilities
Alternative health practitioners
Reiki practitioners

Oberon NLS Gebraucht Kaufen can be used by anyone who is interested in quickly and effectively examining the health of their patients, clients, friends, family or employees. Accurate analysis is the driving factor of our company and no matter whom you are or what you do, you will be well informed with the information you will gather from the Oberon NLS Gebraucht Kaufen device, and so will everyone you work with.

Remember that the information is being gathered on a cellular level, and the beauty of this method of diagnosis is that before anything is manifested, it is found.
People who fall under any of the following categories are welcome, advised and will find benefit in using and having a Oberon NLS Gebraucht Kaufen bio feed back device.

Oberon NLS Gebraucht Kaufen

Where use Oberon NLS Gebraucht Kaufen nls ?

(1) Family Doctors:

The device allows detecting and monitoring the expression of genetically caused diseases among all family members

(2) Clinics and Medical Units

Greatly increases the efficiency of clinical examination and the initial reception. Significantly lower costs of finance and time. Physicians are exempt from routine and often formal work. No need to send your clients to other specialists, you can assist them by examining all the concerns they have and providing treatment, and healing methods.

(3) Education Facilities and Schools

Becomes a real continuous monitoring of the health of all children and staff at intervals of not less than once a month, the ability to assess the adequacy of student’s health.

(4) Sports,Recreation Centers and Fitness Facilities

Objective medical monitoring is required whenever there is a serious exercise. This equipment allows us to create an individual program, taking into account features of the organism.

(5) Family and Friends

Oberon NLS Gebraucht Kaufen is a great tool to monitor the health of your family and friends. Provides means of checkup, treatment and healing without having to spend large amounts of finances on health care services.

(6) Cosmetic and Spa Salons

Concern about the health of its customers – a very strong competitive trump card. Objective assessment of the client can choose individual cosmetic program and achieve impressive results.


Business Organizations

supermarket, large-scale shopping malls, exclusive agency, chain shops, large-scale sales, star-rated hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, pharmacy.

Financial Organizations

Banks, negotiable securities, funds, insurance companies, pawnshops;

Non-profit Organizations: Telecommunications, post offices, hospital, schools;

Public Places

subway, airports, stations, gas stations, toll stations, bookstores, parks, exhibition halls, stadiums, museums, convention centers, ticket agencies, HR market, lottery centers; Real Estate Property: Apartments, villas, offices, commercial buildings, model rooms, property brokers;


Movie theaters, fitness halls, country clubs, clubs, massage rooms, bars, cafes, Internet bars, beauty shops, golf course

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Oberon NLS Gebraucht Kaufen Oberon NLS Gebraucht Kaufen Oberon NLS Gebraucht Kaufen Oberon NLS Gebraucht Kaufen Oberon NLS Gebraucht Kaufen

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