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What is Oberon NLS Biofeedback Machine?

OBERON BIOFEEDBACK has operating in the field of the complimentary medicine for over 20 years. OBERON BIOFEEDBACK developed the product that allows you to obtain the due information about the earliest manifestations of the diseases ,using the innovative biofeedback method, which is captures imbalance in the body earlier then any other “diagnostic” machine such as Ultrasound, MRI, X-rays and other up-to-date technologies of conventional medication .Being extremely easy to operate and carry , it provides the fast and effective full-body examination and evaluation ,having a molecular resonance imaging technology ,while being targeted for early recognition and prevention of the potential malignant conditions.OBERON BIOFEEDBACK is dedicated to promoting preventive medicine, natural cures and non-invasive therapies. Having been involved since early days of the development of Bioresonance and Bioresonance biofeedback therapies, we are fully committed to bring benefits of the aforementioned methods throughout the world. The philosophy of OBERON BIOFEEDBACK company is to walk in pace with the constantly developing and emerging market of the alternative medicine, contributing to spreading of the core notion of the healthy life-style across the globe.

NLS enables the user to obtain full information about health conditions and early pathological symptoms (also tumour disease) otherwise impossible to find in their infancy by other diagnostic methods (USG, roentgen, computer-assisted tomography and others). Many experiments and experiences have confirmed precisely the connection between magnetic fields and biological systems outside and inside the cell. Screw magnetic fields feature in the transmission formation process and co-operation within biological systems. First on the world market, we presented the latest medical technology in the range of active homeostasis piloting. Our scientists have created a revolutionary means for the preparation of information programmes to correct unsettled homeostasis equations inside an organism and the neutralization of ecological and infective pathological elements, by releasing on the market new superactive programme for piloting homeostasis.Experimental and theoretical works, have made possible the elaboration of a low frequency quantum generator device NLS Diagnostic, which was started at the end of 19th century by the genius of the electronic sphere Nikole Tesla.

His work has been continued by scientists: G.Lachowski, R.Rief and R.Voll. The very important advantage of diagnostic method NLS is the possibility to test medicaments. The diagnostic system also has the unique possibility to record vibration of any medicament and make a computer comparison and spectral characteristic of all specimens (it can even be a few thousand of them) which are stored in the computer memory, with the characteristics of the pathological process. By way of this it is possible to choose the most effective working medicament.


How The Oberon NLS BioFeedback Home Machine Works

Russian scientists were the first to create an automatic and informative technology independent of any human influence, capable of a ”cellular communication” with the help of frequencies which control the cellular frequencies. Thus any functional anomalies can be corrected by the help of emulation of frequencies which have been included in the given data in the PC.The first technological approaches were developed for scientific use, and were based on the principle that “the body is a great communication system” capable to react to exterior electromagnetic radiations.The Oberon NLS BioFeedback Home Machine technique made for therapists, came out of this scientific experiment. It is made to be in contact with the body, without actual skin contact, and connected to a personal computer with a sophisticated software.It works by sending an infra-red triggering signal of extremely low intensity to the Bio-field around the brain via specially designed headphones. The principle is based on the fact the every cell tissue and organ has its own unique frequency pattern that varies as it experiences a load or stress. The healthier the area being investigated the more stable its frequency pattern is. We can direct the Oberon NLS BioFeedback Home Machine to investigate the unique frequency of say the tissue of the right lung, given that the Bio-fields of both brain and lung tissue, (as with all parts of the body) are in constant communication with each other.

With an acute problem one single therapy session is often all that is needed. With a chronic condition it may require several sessions over a period of time.

The device scans each organ or tissue on a cellular level.
There are no other methods today that can find illnesses
at the same early stage that the Oberon NLS BioFeedback Home Machine does.

Oberon NLS BioFeedback Home Machine presents the following characteristics:

Rapid analysis of the energetic level of the various organs in order to evaluate the function of each of them, and also the total health of the individual.
Compare the results of each patient with its own data of healthy functions/organs, depending upon sex and age.
Estimate which best action to take to avoid a deterioration of health.
Correct energetic imbalances.
Analyse the effect of various therapies/medications on the individual.
Advise which specific applications are possible for the patient observed.
Measure/control the effects of therapies/medications applied.

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How to use Oberon nls biofeedback home software?



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