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NLS Metatron-4027


What is the NLS Metatron-4027?

NLS Metatron-4027 NLS Metatron-4027

NLS produces simulant-free research equipment that is capable of tracking any state of a biological object based on the fluctuating characteristics of human tissues, individual cells, chromosomes and even individual ferments and hormones.

Non-linear analysis system (NLS) is the most advanced information technology, which at the beginning of this century can now be considered as the most outstanding and beneficial achievement of modern natural science.

Indicator/diagnostic devices based on spectral analysis of the vortex magnetic field of a biological organism are very unique…. Numerous experiments carried out at the Institute of Practical Psychophysics have confirmed the close relationship between vortex magnetic fields and biological systems, which have been Used in biological systems. As a means of interacting inside and outside the cell. Vortex magnetic fields play an important role in the transfer of information and interaction with biological systems.

NLS Metatron-4027

How NLS Metatron-4027 work?

An important step is to relieve the symptoms. For this, traditional medication may also be needed. However, this does not exclude natural remedies that can be started at the same time.
Only then it is possible to search for triggers and causes.
The gut plays an important role in all skin problems, as the skin and the gut must be healthy.
Hormone and immune system regulation is an essential part of the overall treatment.
Testing for allergy-causing substances and heavy metal contamination is needed.
Food intolerances and allergies are tested for and incorporated into the treatment plan.

NLS Metatron-4027

How do I read the NLS Metatron-4027 6 Color Test Report?

The signal is entered into the database for matching, and then the following different scenarios are displayed

1 – Normal.
2 – Standard conditions
3 – Restricted status
4 – Severe disease states
5 – weak state
6 – Anomalies
(Sub-health status)

NLS Metatron-4027

Why choose NLS Metatron-4027?

NLS diagnostic devices are based on spectral analysis of the rotating magnetic field of a living organism and provide initial information about a patient’s health status or disease symptoms. Complete information on signs and symptoms. NLS provides complete information about the health status and the first signs of the disease, whereas in the early stages, any other diagnostic method (ultrasound. (X-rays, computed tomography, etc.) cannot determine this information. Numerous experiments and experiments have confirmed the close connection between magnetic fields and biological systems, where they are used as external and cellular Inside Mode. Rotating magnetic fields play an important role in transferring information and interacting with biological systems.

NLS Metatron-4027

Biorezonans Metatron Hunter 4025

Rebalancing the body so that it can heal itself!
Make intrusive and embarrassing exams a thing of the past!
Quick check (in seconds) for immediate results
Replaces dozens of traditional diagnostic methods.
Discover weaknesses in bones, organs, blood, tissues and more.
No side effects, unpleasantness or injury after treatment
Bioresonance META therapy
The NLS Metatron-4027 method is simple, fast and non-invasive for the client.
The device is easy to operate.
The NLS Metatron-4027 system automates precise measurements.
Get time in your patients’ personal care.
The measurements are non-invasive and can be widely accepted by your clients and patients alike.
With visual presentations, you can better motivate your customers to actively contribute.
An excellent addition to the modern methods you already use.
Safety is ensured through continuous certification by an authorized certification body.

The NLS method has yielded amazing results in numerous therapeutic trials. However, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that this method belongs to the category of complementary and alternative medicine. The methods and systems introduced and their effects have neither been proven by orthodox medicine nor are they scientifically recognized. NLS Diagnostics or the contents of this website are not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

NLS Metatron-4027

NLS Metatron-4027

NLS Metatron-4027



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