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MetatronHunter 4025 NLS


What is MetatronHunter 4025 NLS?

metatron hunter 4025 nls metatron hunter 4025 nls

MetatronHunter 4025 NLS

I. The software has all the features of previous versions of IPP’s diagnostic software and also introduces the Non-Linear Diagnostic System (NLS) The innovative development.

II. Standards with greatly expanded database.

(1) Biochemical indicators: new enzymes, hormones, tumor markers (pancreatic cancer, gastric cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer and ovarian cancer, etc.) have been introduced.

2) Class I immunoglobulins, which reveal the state of immunodeficiency.

3) New chapter – Trace Elements (introduces all the chemical elements contained in the human organism and reveals the chemical elements’ wave profile) related to its position in the periodic table), which makes it possible to quantitatively assess indicators of steady state in human organisms and to diagnose their disorders. Early stages. Using the analytical capabilities of NLS, it is possible to reveal and control the levels of various trace elements in an organism.

Using the NLS system, one may find that trace levels of certain chemical elements (e.g., gold) are also important for maintaining good health Very important. Many other trace elements are involved in the functioning of the vibratory and bioelectronic systems of the body and its CNS.

MetatronHunter 4025 NLS

Metatron Hunter 4025 Bioresonance Machine

4) Homeopathic preparations: new modern drugs are introduced, revealing the strict dependence of wave spectroscopy on the body’s constitution – body mass, blood group, rhesus factor, some biochemical indicators and spectra of homeopathic preparations.

5) Nutritional drugs: expansion of the database of food supplements, especially the products of NSP.

metatron hunter 4025 nls

metatron hunter 4025 nls

6) Homoeopathy. The database of modern homoeopathic preparations has been greatly expanded: new antibiotics, immunomodulators, probiotics and other drugs have been introduced.

7) In this software, we have introduced a new feature “Psycho-emotional State”, which allows us to assess the emotional background of the patient in real time and to detect correlations between the development of psychological and somatic pathology and the patient’s emotional state.

We have added 73 criteria for emotional states such as hope, belief, sadness, anger, etc. to the psycho-emotional state screening section.

Our thoughts and emotions strictly form the spatial frequency reversal field of the individual. This is why, before we can make real advances in medicine and psychology, we must learn to interpret emotional disorders as affecting the organism’s Discordant fluctuations in normal functional status.

There is such a strong connection between emotions and the development of disease that one can sometimes predict their emotional stress by assessing their course of illness. The main thing is to see how a person deals with his stress, identifying his emotions, his personal tolerance-all these things can be Assessed by the psycho-emotional screening function of the software.

8) Expansion of the allergen database – introduction of a spectrum of heavy metals: strontium, cadmium, cesium, po and other radionuclides.

9) We introduced Bach flower therapy for the first time in the software “Metapathia GR Clinical”.

We created 38 floral preparations and added them to our software, which can be used for the seven main psychological states as well as for the treatment of mental and physical illnesses.

Bach flower remedies are vibrational therapies that have specific frequency characteristics inherent in certain plants.

The primary purpose of these remedies is to harmonize the mental and emotional realms of men. Negative emotions promote the development of disease.

The software allows the selection of a spectrum of essences to treat specific diseases and energy abnormalities.

10) 80 new organic standards – peptide biomodulators – were introduced in the database of the software “Metapathia GR Clinical”.

Biomodulators obtained from the organs and tissues of specially bred healthy animals are called organic preparations. The German company “Vit Organ” possesses a research project based on the cellular research of the researcher-immunologist KETheurer. method to obtain organic preparations, according to which each is extracted from the cytoplasm of all cell types and their range of tissue genetics Organ and tissue specific substances of organic agents, thus obtaining cellular biomodulators with a high organ and tissue specificity.

Due to their organophilic properties, the agents optimize physiological regeneration processes, restore genetic control of proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis in homologous organs, thereby promoting tissue regeneration and renewal, development of anti-aging effects, delaying the aging process, restoring young as well as functionally active tissues, eliminating inflammation, dissolving pathological proliferative foci, producing anti-degenerative effects, inhibiting tumor growth.
As a result, all of the above leads to the restoration of normal function of the child’s organs or tissues – leading to the restoration of ontogeny after birth.

metatron hunter 4025 nls

metatron hunter 4025 nls

How does MetatronHunter 4025 NLS work?

The principle of operation of “meta-accelerator” systems belonging to the category of “brain machines” (meta-accelerators) is based on the Nesterov-Van Hoven theory of quantum entropy logic.

According to quantum entropy logic, since the energy of the electromagnetic radiation quanta is equal to the energy of the destruction of the basic structural connections of the system, the energy of the interconnections between the systems is equal to the energy of the electromagnetic radiation quanta. Long-distance, correlative and selective information exchange takes place. The principles of entropic logic theory allow us to affirm that in a physical system in which information is exchanged, when the probability of disruptive When they are unstable (volatile), they appear unstable (volatile).

When the form of one of the two exchange systems A and B is destroyed, the strength of the information exchange between them increases. The order strength of any system is equal to the amount of information contained in it; this is why by passing information in parallel to the other system (B) to The destruction of a system (A) in the form of a system (A) represents the law of conservation of information assumed by the theory of quantum entropy logic.

The theory of entropy logic states that these arguments are only valid if systems A and B are quantum and the set of A and B can be described by a condition is only correct. This provides the exchange of information that existed initially before the destruction of the structure of a system that would, in the context of entropic logic The two parts of a single quantum system are linked together as this corresponds to the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen effect.

The logical theory of quantum entropy allows us to elucidate many of the details of the basic psychophysical mechanisms that are used to Remote information transfer between two spatially distinct objects. The theory reveals the mechanisms that form the correlations, information selectivity and other features of this information transfer heterogeneous channel.

The system operates based on the principle of initiating signal amplification in the event of destruction of sub-stable structures. Under the influence of an external electromagnetic field, the magnetic moment of the molecular currents in the ependymal neuronal accessory centers loses its original orientation, which makes the out-of-domain The spin framework of the electron is disordered, which is the cause of the instability that occurs therein. Substationary, this decomposition acts as a starting signal amplifier. Physically, the system represents a system of electron oscillators (cadistors) that oscillate at a wavelength that The energy of the wavelength is sufficient to disrupt the main links that support the structure of the examined organism. By means of digital trigger sensors developed using modern information technologies and microcircuits, it is possible to read non-invasively about specific conditions of biological objects. information, the digital trigger sensor captures the weak fluctuations in the signal, evolving from the average statistical noise characteristics of the field, and converts it into a Digital sequences, which are processed with the help of a microprocessor in order to transmit them to a computer via an interface cable.

If the entropy values of any system are expressed as the colors of the spectrum according to the rules of quantum chromodynamics, these colors will range from light yellow (in the (minimum entropy values) to orange and red and purple to almost black (at maximum entropy values). More refined theoretical calculations performed by a computer can select multiple fixed conditions corresponding to a certain entropy potential, thus selectively Interaction with emission spectra.

By comparing the color gamma of the icons and their position on the organ computer model, as well as their time-varying dynamics, the destruction process of the biological structure can be determined and the stability of the structure can be given in the time prediction.

metatron hunter 4025 nls

metatron hunter 4025 nls

MetatronHunter 4025 NLS Review

I have personally benefited from this brilliant machine that can assess the health of hundreds of people, including my friend, of whom Some were top doctors in Europe and Africa. In all of these cases, the results were staggering, with about 99% of people confirming their previous health diagnosis. The device is an unusual biomedical device outside the current medical paradigm. It is based on 20 years of basic research by many scientists who have worked out frequency response patterns in normal individuals that correspond to specific organs . Furthermore, they are able to calculate the normal frequency response of each organ for a male or female subject at any given age.

The device is used to assess organ function rather than structure. Therefore, it is not like MRI, CT or ultrasound scans. It is specifically designed to measure the magnetic carrier potential of cells, tissues and organs.

I highly recommend this non-invasive, portable, high-tech device to all medical professionals.

Michael Osei.

“For the past 9 years, I have worn glasses. Had trifocal surgery with muscle orthotics…I started taking nerve pain, optic neuritis, saffron, passive rabies vaccine . Angiotensin biology, spirulina, micro. Three weeks later, I went out to dinner with my girlfriend… picked up my glasses on arrival and chatted with Storm for 4 1/2 hours ( (we hadn’t seen each other in a while) and realized that I didn’t have a tension headache…which usually happens within minutes of not wearing glasses! Happens. I haven’t worn glasses in six weeks, no headaches. Yes….”

I’m a chemical engineer by profession and used to work in the chemical industry for many years. But in the last five years, I have worked more in the healthcare industry. I believe the MetatronHunter 4025 NLS device is a very useful and non-invasive diagnostic tool for the healthcare industry and I think that if the healthcare industry will Its no bias as a very good free tool association for the medical profession. I can recall a young lady who was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. She was advised to remove the entire breast. When I scanned her using the MetatronHunter 4025 NLS device, no signs of malignancy were found, only breast disease was detected. The tumor marker CA15-3 tested by MetatronHunter 4025 NLS biochemical steady-state analysis had a value of 5. During the procedure, the surgeon The entire breast was not removed, as the tumor was found not to be as bad as it was at the initial visit. Follow up tests again confirmed that the tumor was not malignant. MetatronHunter 4025 NLS appears to be correct and the lab tests regarding the cancer were incorrect.
Cruz Manila, Philippines.
Best regards, Al.

“In our recently trademarked and released LIGHTSEEDING practice, we have made the Russian MetatronHunter 4025 NLS Technology as a diagnostic tool of choice. As we train and build future lightweight practitioners locally and internationally, we expect this diagnostic technology to become the new Lightweight practitioners are able to track, define, and treat criteria for actual core/root health conditions within the human biological terrain, not just It is the treatment of advanced symptoms with toxic band-aids. We are still in the early stages of learning the depth of accuracy and the discovery of what MetatronHunter 4025 NLS can detect. It is indeed great and we look forward to discovering its full potential over time.”
Nellie Stewart.

One day, a woman came to the reception desk complaining of persistent sleepiness. She had visited a therapist, a neurologist and an endocrinologist, but no one was able to determine the cause of her illness. After analysis within the limits of normalcy, including hormone levels, a nucleus of the hypothalamus was found to be marked with the icon 5. This means that the papillary Nuclear is responsible for sleep and its disorders.
-Dr. Mihak A.

I would like to share with you an interesting story about one of my patients and how MetatronHunter 4025 NLS helped me solve a problem. Not long ago, I had a patient tell me that the conception of one of his children was formed by chromosomal analysis. The man was skeptical about the accuracy of the concept because the child had epilepsy. The patient and his family had no history of epilepsy. In the MetatronHunter 4025 NLS program, epilepsy was present in one of the pictures of chromosome #6. I found that both the patient and his child were shown to have the disease.
Dr. Chrisca.

For many years I worked for different MLM companies that used different machines. Recently I started to research “MetatronHunter 4025 NLSs”. I want to thank you for such an interesting program. It’s the best I’ve ever seen.

metatron hunter 4025 nls

metatron hunter 4025 nls

metatron hunter 4025 nls




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