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Metatron Hunter 4025


What is the Metatron Hunter 4025?

Metatron Hunter 4025 Metatron Hunter 4025

In short, it is an advanced non-invasive diagnostic device for body examination and analysis systems that uses light wave resonance to scan and detect the functional state of the body or to track the progressive formation of abnormal conditions in tissues, cells, chromosomes, DNA helices, molecules or entire organs, and then provide treatment.

Metatron Hunter 4025

Metatron 4025 Hunter

Metatron Hunter 4025 Competitive Advantage.

A.OEM and ODM services are available, samples are available, and our warranty is two years from the date of receipt of the item.

B.Conditions for treatment with Bioresonance Therapy.


2.Acute infectious diseases

3. Bronchial asthma

4. Autoimmune diseases

5. Degenerative organic diseases

6. Rheumatism

7. Arthropathy

8. Gynecological diseases

9. Immunodeficiency from various sources

10. Post-vaccination complications

11. Intoxication and toxic stress

12. Headaches and migraines

13. Fungal and parasitic diseases

14. All types of pain

15. Neurodermatitis and eczema

16. Sports injuries

17. Metabolic diseases

18. Pre- and post-operative treatment

19. Secondary viral diseases

20. Urological diseases

Metatron Hunter 4025

How does Metatron Hunter 4025 work?

Metatron Hunter 4025 software can only be used with telemetry nonlinear analysis data processing equipment.
“Metatron” and its subsequent modifications. Telemetry non-linear analysis data-processing device compatible.
Used in conjunction with an IBM-type PC designed to study the response of biological objects to different types of informational objects
Influence. “Metatron” allows you to associate a measurement process with a process that affects the measurement process and perform the following actions
1) Measure J(0), which reflects the change in the description parameter and the entropy potential with respect to its initial value
(2) Convert a continuous signal J (0) with a preset frequency interval to a histogram (one line of values).
(The serial number is scanned from 1.8 to 8.2 Hz).
3) The current W value is sent to the PC and the graph and its effect on the monitor is displayed simultaneously on the monitor.
4) If it is easier to observe the histogram after completion, it stores the W value in its memory unit.
(5) issues commands related to proportions in order to regulate the effect of the test on the examinee.
6) After completing the measurement, transfer the W value from the device to the PC memory and save it in the
The units stored before starting to record the next measurement.

Metatron Hunter 4025

Where Need Metatron Hunter 4025?

Family doctors, specialists, therapists, clinics, hospitals, educational institutions, schools and kindergartens, spas and fitness centers, sports medicine and more.


Metatron Hunter 4025

Metatron Hunter 4025

Metatron Hunter 4025

Metatron Hunter 4025

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