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Do you know How to work the 8D-NLS?


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Do you know How to work the 8D-NLS?
The device scans each organ or tissue on a cellular level.There are no other methods today that can find illnesses
at the same early stage that the 8d-nls does.

It works by sending an infra-red triggering signal of extremely low intensity to the Bio-field around the brain via specially designed headphones. The principle is based on the fact the every cell tissue and organ has its own unique frequency pattern that varies as it experiences a load or stress.

The healthier the area being investigated the more stable its frequency pattern is. We can direct the 8D-NLS health analyzer to investigate the unique frequency of say the tissue of the right lung, given that the Bio-fields of both brain and lung tissue, (as with all
parts of the body) are in constant communication with each other With an acute problem one single therapy session is often all that is needed.With a chronic condition it may require several sessions over a period of time.

Who can use 8D-NLS?

A.Family Doctors

B.Clinics and medical units

C.Education facilities and schools


E.Sports and recreation facilities

F.Spas and cosmetic centers

G.Health Food Direct Selling workers

Sale Cousultant : Mrs Lucy
Sale Consultant : Mr Mark

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