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By 8d nls ,8D LIRS,we can find the right food and healthcare products Foods For Saving Heart


vector 8d IRLS 9d nls software (38) vector 8d IRLS 9d nls software (39)Through 8d nls ,8D LIRS,we can find the right food and healthcare products Foods For Saving Heart
The heart is the source of human life, we have to save our heart. Many foods may help us:

Fresh Herbs. Fresh herbs can help make other foods heart-healthy when they replace salt, sugar, and trans fats. These flavor powerhouses, along with nuts, berries — even coffee — can be part of heart-wise eating.

Fact: Rosemary, sage, oregano, and thyme contain antioxidants.

Black Beans. Mild, tender black beans are packed with nutrients including folate, antioxidants, and magnesium, along with fiber, which helps control both cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Tip: Canned black beans are easy to add to soups and salads. Rinse to remove extra sodium.

Red Wine and Resveratrol. If you drink alcohol, a little red wine may be a good choice. Resveratrol and catechins, two antioxidants in red wine, may help protect artery walls. Alcohol can also boost HDL, the “good” cholesterol.

Tip: Only drink in moderation: no more than 1 glass a day for women and 2 for men. Alcohol may cause problems for people taking aspirin and other medications. Too much alcohol is bad for your heart.

Tuna for Omega-3s. Tuna is another good source of omega-3s, and it generally costs less than salmon. Albacore (white tuna) has more omega-3s than other tuna varieties. Reel in these other sources of omega-3s, too: mackerel, herring, lake

trout, sardines, and anchovies.

Tips: Grill tuna steak with dill and lemon. Choose tuna packed in water, not oil.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This oil, made from the first press of olives, is especially rich in antioxidants called polyphenols, which can help protect your blood vessels. It’s also a good source of monounsaturated fats, which are a better

choice than saturated fats (such as butter) for your cholesterol.

Tips: Use a little bit for salads, on cooked veggies, or with bread. Look for cold-pressed and use within 6 months.

Walnuts. A small handful of walnuts a day may lower your cholesterol and ease inflammation in your heart’s arteries. Walnuts are packed with omega-3s, monounsaturated fats, and fiber. The benefits come when walnuts replace bad fats,

those in chips and cookies.

Tip: Walnut oil has omega-3s, too; try it in salad dressings.

Tofu. Serve up tofu, and you get a great form of vegetarian soy protein with its heart-healthy minerals, fiber, and polyunsaturated fats. It can take on the taste of the spices or sauces you use to cook it.

Tips: Chop firm tofu, marinate, then grill or stir-fry, going easy on the oil. Add tofu to soups for protein with no added fat.

Oranges. This sweet, juicy fruit has the cholesterol-fighting fiber pectin as well as potassium, which helps control blood pressure. Research shows that OJ may make your blood vessels work better and lower blood pressure a bit.

Tip: A medium orange averages 62 calories with 3 grams of fiber.

In addition, there are many other foods can also help us save our heart. Through 8d nls ,8D LIRS,we can find the right food and healthcare products, to make us more healthy.

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