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bioresonance 8d lris 9D NLS


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Type:Biochemical Analysis System
Brand Name:TQ
Model Number:TQ-518D
Place of Origin:TX, USA (Mainland)
Name:Bioresonance Dolma Nls 8d Lris Nls 9d Nls
Function:Bioresonance NLS analysis
Application:Analysis and Treatment
Feature:AURA chakras energy analysis
Test items:pathological analysis machine
Treatment:bio resonance therapy (meta-therapy)
Language:English,German, Russian, Spanish, Italian
Support O.S:windows system
Item:Allergies analysis
program:Food test

Product Description

There are over 12,000 known diseases/allergens that can potentially affect your physical body. Some of these syndromes can be caused by the slightest touch of an affected surface or raise in stress level. Why not use LRIS-NLS to ensure that you are in the best condition physically and emotionally…

The human brain will receive a signal regarding the need to test one or more organs of the body, which signal is displayed on the computer monitor and is captured in the headphones of subject.

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Product Type:
Bioresonance NLS Analysis with Vector system software
OEM support
Analysis and Treatment
Support OS: 
All Windows system
Testing cup, headsets sensor, usb cables, main body machine
Language support:
English, Germany, Russian, (Spanish, Italian, French…)
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We encourage and welcome any questions, as we are confident that once you have an opportunity to experience and operate the LRIS-nls and witness its results, you will be extremely impressed. Please feel free to contact with us for more information.

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8D LRIS NLS device

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