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Beware of Caffeinated Diet Sodas 8d-nls professional frequency analysis


8d-nls professional frequency analysis

8d-nls professional frequency analysis

beware of Caffeinated Diet Sodas

Diet Sodas And How They Can Affect Kidsby Kim Beardsmore

Many of us have grown up drinking caffeinated 8d-nls professional frequency analysis diet sodas as an alternative to sugary regular sodas. We figure 8d-nls professional frequency analysis this is a better choice rather than loading our and our children’s bodies with large quantities of sugar. Whilst diet sodas do help us avoid a sugar overload (which can lead to weight gain) we 8d-nls professional frequency analysis should also be aware of the effects of caffeine contained in many cola flavored diet sodas.

Caffeine is a diuretic causing the body to excrete water. The net result of drinking several caffeinated drinks during the day is to deplete, rather than

replenish the body’s fluids. 8d-nls professional frequency analysis Where such drinks are the primary source of daily fluid intake, the net result may

8d-nls professional frequency analysis

be a loss 8d-nls professional frequency analysis of water which may actually lead to dehydration. It is not uncommon for many of us to be unknowingly dehydrated!

Here are some common symptoms 8d-nls professional frequency analysis of dehydration. If you recognize any of these symptoms you may be able to improve your health by simply drinking 6 to 8 glasses of pure, fresh water a day.

The most common symptom is headaches. A major function of water is to flush toxins from the body. Your brain is 75% water, so even being slightly dehydrated can cause headaches.

Poor concentration/fatigue. If you body can’t get rid of the toxins it will struggle and you will feel less energetic as your body diverts energy to deal with the toxins.

Constipation. Your body will divert water to more essential functions and as a result your stools will be harder and more difficult to expel.

Reduced urine output or dark urine. Did you know that up to 200 liters of water is

8d-nls professional frequency analysis

passed through your kidneys daily? Without a fresh supply of water for the kidneys to filter waste products out of the blood, your urine will become darker.

Furry tongue or bad breath. If you don’t have enough water passing through the mouth to wash away food particles, bacteria can proliferate 8d-nls professional frequency analysis and result in that ‘furry’ feeling or bad breath.

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