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What is 9D NLS History?

9d nls health analyzer 9d nls health analyzer 9d nls health analyzer

Energy Life Limited is a trading company. It has been selling bioresonance equipment based on 9D NLS since 2014. Energy Life Ltd. has established contact with the manufacturer of the Oberon Quantum system in the Czech Republic and is now promoting these devices worldwide. The equipment has been continuously developed and improved. Over 130 improvements have been made in the last three years. The research team was co-founded by Dr. Miroslav Nosek, a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Alex Waldemar Laufersweiler, a scientist at MAE Consulting, and software expert Thomas Mariančík. The last model has been run automatically and has surpassed others in many ways. Our cost effectiveness and affordability has increased by a factor of 2-4. The Oberon system with the device Quantum Allergy Special AWL is used mainly by nutrition specialists, doctors who are reluctant to use complementary and alternative medicines, homeopathy (which identifies and produces homeopathy), and especially therapists. Our training takes place regularly in Prague. Remote assistance from the TeamViewer application is available all over the world, with the possibility of other features. Nonlinear diagnostic systems (9D NLS) have recently become widely used and increasingly popular. Even in the few cases where clinical symptoms seem very typical, the 9D NLS diagnostic approach can provide more information about emotional expansion and can judge prognosis. In most cases, it is critical to the diagnosis and therefore the correct choice of treatment.

It has been 20 years since 2000 when Theodore Van Hoven invented the theory of quantum entropy logic that underlies the method. Thus, nonlinear diagnostics appears to be the newest of all device diagnostic methods. In any case, his discovery became an important milestone in diagnostic medicine. Nonlinear analysis was originally used in organic chemistry to determine the composition of complex compounds. The originator of the 9D NLS diagnostic device (meta-deflation) is believed to be Sviatoslav Pavlovich Nesterov, who introduced the trigger sensor in 1988 and thus constructed the concept of the device. Begin active work immediately to develop and improve the 9D NLS diagnostic system. Clinical testing of early devices marked the years 1990 to 1995. In the late 1990s, the production of commercial equipment increased rapidly, resulting in a sudden surge in quality. Nonlinear diagnostic methods are still in the development stage. The improvement in diagnostic technology is so rapid that the system version must be updated every six months. With the introduction of some new devices equipped with digital trigger sensors, 9D NLS diagnostics are not only more efficient, but also very different in terms of quality.

9d nls health analyzer

Clearly, some dynamic techniques, such as 3D visualization of survey results, will soon be introduced into everyday practice. Nutrition testing is just one example of immediate adoption. The method is so widely used that it implies a certain range of use indications, not just its promotion. The research center explored some new survey methods based on nonlinear analysis systems with the guests. The results seem promising. Unlike NMR and computed tomography, 9D NLS analysis does not require high intensity fields. The method seems to hold good promise for metabolic studies, especially at the cellular level. The development of the 9D NLS approach follows not only the path of technological innovation, but also the path of new applications. Some smaller surgical procedures (biopsies once) have long been monitored by ultrasound, fluoroscopy or computed tomography. Today, there is an opportunity to have a biopsy through the 9D NLS. However, many surgeons focus their attention on performing major surgery using this method. Equipment costs for 9D NLS diagnostics are still very low compared to some other device methods. It is thought that this will promote wider use of the method in countries with lower living standards. In all device diagnostic methods, the 9D NLS provides a representation that approximates the pathological anatomy of the image. This condition and its harmlessness have contributed to the rapid development of 9D NLS diagnosis.

9d nls health analyzer

How does the 9D NLS diagnostic work?

9D NLS Diagnostics

The device scans each organ or tissue at the cellular level. It compares the measurements to a database containing thousands of reference conditions and their diagnoses. 9D uses a special transmitter to modulate the carrier frequency of the cell’s communication and a special sensor built into the headset to trigger a reader to read the cell’s own signal.

9D finds out if any disease is developing, the extent to which a particular disease is affecting the cells and what microbes and bacteria are in the area at the time of scanning.

9D is the most important tool we use to analyze organ stress levels and dysfunction.

9D diagnoses illness and disease or weakness that can lead to disease.

9D was developed in Russia and is a revolutionary invention. 9D is a machine for data control diagnosis and processing, the result of years of cooperation between Russian scientists and doctors. The 9D diagnostic program can show different defects and pathological changes in human organs and tissues. The method is based on the analysis of electromagnetic waves in the brainstem, which contain complete information about the entire organism. This information is read by the sensor. Frequency emitters aimed at the projection region of the brainstem excite this electromagnetic radiation.

9d nls health analyzer

What is the 9D NLS 9 Advantage?

1. Hardware CPU frequency: 5.3GHz

2. Core: Advanced Core Processor

3. Detection speed is very fast.

4. Average scanning time: 2-3 seconds.

5. More advanced, with large database

6. Define the diagnosis in more detail.

7. The best preclinical diagnostic equipment

8. Clinical version of the most practical model

9. It can detect all problem areas in the patient’s organism using non-invasive methods.

9d nls health analyzer

Why 9D NLS and where to use 9D NLS?

MAIKONG 9D NLS can be used by anyone interested in quickly and efficiently checking the health of patients, clients, friends, family or employees.Accurate analysis is a driving factor in our company and no matter who you are or what you do, the information gathered from the DOLMA 9D NLS device will fully inform you and everyone you work with will be well informed.
Keep in mind that information is gathered at the cellular level and the advantage of this diagnostic method is that it is found before anything is proven.
Those who fall into any of the following categories will be welcomed, advised and benefit from the use of the DOLMA 9D NLS biofeedback device.
family doctor
The device detects and monitors the expression of genetic disorders in all family members
Clinical and medical units
The efficiency of clinical examinations and initial consultations has been greatly improved. Significantly reduces financial costs and time. The physician is exempt from routine and frequent formal work. Without referring your client to another specialist, you can help them by examining all of their concerns and offering treatment and rehabilitation methods.
Educational facilities and schools
The ability to monitor the health of all children and staff on a truly continuous basis at intervals of no less than once a month, making it possible to assess the health status of pupils.
Sports, recreation centres and fitness facilities
Objective medical monitoring is required when strenuous exercise is performed. The device allows us to consider the characteristics of the organism to create individual programs.
friends and relatives
MAIKONG 9D NLS is a great tool for monitoring the health of family and friends. A way to provide screening, treatment and rehabilitation without spending a lot of money on health care services.
Cosmetics and Spa Salon
Focus on the health of the customer – a very competitive trump card. An objective assessment of the client allows for the selection of a personalized cosmetic plan with considerable results.

9d nls health analyzer

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9d nls health analyzer

9d nls health analyzer

9d nls health analyzer

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