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8d nls gesundheit analysator and Blood Testing for Achieving Optimal Health


8d nls gesundheit analysator

8d nls gesundheit analysator

blood Testing for Achieving Optimal Health

Blood testing has been traditionally used for diagnosing diseases; however, some health professionals now realize its vital importance in optimizing health, instead of just in diagnosing disease. I have been counseling clients on how to improve their health for almost thirty years, and I 8d nls gesundheit analysator strongly insist that clients receive complete blood work to be able to evaluate their health prevention plans. I will tell you how you can utilize this phenomenal method of building your health and save hundreds of dollars at the same time.

When you go to the doctor for a physical, you will most likely receive blood work that will measure your cholesterol level, white and red blood cell count, liver function, kidney function, and sometimes thyroid function. These tests are good for diagnosing medical problems; however, to improve your health in the future, you must be able to receive additional blood tests that more accurately reveal the direction your health is going and what you can do about it.

The problem in the past was that very few physicians were knowledgeable about which tests to order for preventative health, and also, the price of these special tests were normally cost-prohibitive. 8d nls gesundheit analysator Now all blood work can be ordered through Internet companies that cut out the middleman profits, and the labs are the same ones that your doctor 8d nls gesundheit analysator uses! Your blood is drawn at local labs that are found in every major city in the United States.

The tests that are needed after age forty to achieve optimal health are usually not paid for by insurance companies because these companies will often not reimburse for preventative health. This is a responsibility that must be assumed by each individual.

The first step is finding the proper lab. When you log on to these Web sites, you will be able to choose any tests that your doctor can order; however, since most people do not have knowledge of blood work, 8d nls gesundheit analysator the easiest method is to choose the blood test panels that are offered such as a male or female panel. Additional tests that I feel are absolutely necessary to be included in your panels are the following: homocysteine, 8d nls gesundheit analysator high-sensitivity C-reactive, fasting insulin, and 25 hydroxy vitamin 8d nls gesundheit analysator D. I find that to truly receive the combination of blood work necessary to give you this information, the cost would be approximately 8d nls gesundheit analysator three hundred to four hundred dollars. These same tests would cost you over one thousand dollars

8d nls gesundheit analysator

if you paid for them at your doctor office.

Once the results are received from your blood work, consultation with a nutritionally oriented physician is important to completely interpret the results. It is important to find health professionals who are willing

8d nls gesundheit analysator

to work with you on your goals of achieving superior health.

Traditional physicians may lack the expertise 8d nls gesundheit analysator to know how to evaluate blood work from the aspect of knowing the difference between reference ranges and optimal ranges. Reference ranges in blood work values apply to the majority of people and are used only for diagnosing disease; however, optimal ranges are where you want to find yourself on blood values to achieve the best health. Dr. Most people think that when a doctor diagnoses them with a chronic disease, they just 8d nls gesundheit analysator got sick, when in fact, they were probably heading toward the diagnosis for many years. Doctors usually only diagnose from blood work when red flags are shown on the tests; however, many times, this is a process that could have been altered if the trends were viewed earlier with proper blood work. One problem, however, is that few traditionally trained physicians ever observe year-to-year trends of patients to follow the direction in which the person health is going.

Blood testing by 8d nls gesundheit analysator the individual is yet another example of the need to take responsibility for one own health. This responsibility requires some effort and expense; however, the long-term benefits to your health could be tremendous.

Ed Jones, CN, has been involved in natural health since opening his first nutrition store in 1979. Ed Jones has been a part of every aspect of natural health, ranging from formulating state-of-the-art nutritional products to speaking and consulting. He has been advising clients on natural health for over twenty years and continues to grow by owning a wellness center in Chattanooga, Tennessee, that is 8d nls gesundheit analysator focused on integrative health. Ed Jones is a member of the Institute for Functional Medicine, the Natural Products Association, and is a graduate from American Health Sciences University 8d nls gesundheit analysator.

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