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dolma 8d nls

What is dolma 8d nls 3 Features?

What is dolma 8d nls 3 Features?

Body detection

12 large-scale system can detect the body, including the 1000 organs, gladns, and some cells to make predictions report, systemic accuracy 100000 collection points to ensure detection. Users can saw their own organs in the present, past, and future health of 3-5 years and vitality trends tissue cells.

Drug analysis and comparison

can analyze medicines,health products on the human body organ effect or whether there is damage, and thus the state of life balance for mediation.

Repair function improved

Energy spectrum of repair and restoration function, you can specify repair parts, auto body repair can be, or the early stages of the disease has not yet formed, especially sore point for repair has good secondary effects.

dolma 8d nls

What dolma 8d nls Package?

What dolma 8d nls Package?

Main machine:1 pc

Headphone Sensor:1 pc

Blue USB cable:1 pc

High quality Black connecting Cable:2 pcs

Testing Cup:1 pc

USB doogle for software:1 pc

DVD software:1 pc

Aluminum box:1 pc

dolma 8d nls

What dolma 8d nls?

What dolma 8d nls with superior version

Quick details

1. Hardware cpu Frequency:5.3GHz 2. Cores : Advanced core processors

3. The detection speed is very quick.
4. Average time of scanning: 2-3 seconds. 5. More advanced, has a large database 6. Defines in more detail the diagnoses.

7. The best pre-clinical diagnostic device
8. The most practical model for Clinical version

9. It can detect all the problem zones in a patient’s organism using its non-invasive methods.

Body health analyzer 8d NLS Technical specifications of the device:

• Power supply – USB- port on your computer.
• Feeding voltage – 5 V;
• Current consumption – up to 300 mA;
• Range of evaluated frequencies 1Hz- 1MHz;
• Superposition of mediated frequencies to the electromagnetic component – 5.5 GHz;
• Interface speed – up to 1 MHz;
• Bioinductores – passive;
• Electromagnetic reprinter – active with a possible feedback.

dolma 8d nls

Whatdolma 8d nlsaboutdolma 8d nlsthedolma 8d nlsBio-resonancedolma 8d nlsTherapy?

Whatdolma 8d nlsaboutdolma 8d nlsthedolma 8d nlsBio-resonancedolma 8d nlsTherapy?dolma 8d nls

Allergiesdolma 8d nlsADHDdolma 8d nlsAcutedolma 8d nlsInfectiousdolma 8d nlsDiseasesdolma 8d nlsBronchialdolma 8d nlsAsthmadolma 8d nlsAutoimmunedolma 8d nlsDiseasesdolma 8d nlsDegenerativedolma 8d nlsOrganicdolma 8d nlsDiseasesdolma 8d nlsRheumaticdolma 8d nlsDiseasesdolma 8d nlsArthropathydolma 8d nlsGynecologicaldolma 8d nlsDisordersdolma 8d nlssuchdolma 8d nlsas:dolma 8d nls–dolma 8d nlsPainfuldolma 8d nlsMenstruationdolma 8d nls,dolma 8d nlsHormonaldolma 8d nlsImbalancedolma 8d nls,dolma 8d nlsPre-nataldolma 8d nlsTreatmentdolma 8d nlsImmunodeficiencydolma 8d nlsofdolma 8d nlsvarieddolma 8d nlsorigindolma 8d nlsPost-Vaccinedolma 8d nlsComplicationsdolma 8d nlsIntoxicationdolma 8d nlsanddolma 8d nlsToxicdolma 8d nlsStressdolma 8d nlsHeadachedolma 8d nlsanddolma 8d nlsMigrainedolma 8d nlsMycoticdolma 8d nlsanddolma 8d nlsParasiticdolma 8d nlsDisordersdolma 8d nlsAlldolma 8d nlsTypesdolma 8d nlsofdolma 8d nlsPaindolma 8d nlsNeurodermatitisdolma 8d nlsanddolma 8d nlsEczemadolma 8d nlsSportsdolma 8d nlsInjuriesdolma 8d nlsMetabolicdolma 8d nlsDiseasesdolma 8d nlsPredolma 8d nlsanddolma 8d nlsPostoperativedolma 8d nlsTreatment(s)dolma 8d nlsSecondarydolma 8d nlsViraldolma 8d nlsDisordersdolma 8d nlsUrologicaldolma 8d nlsDisordersdolma 8d nlsEtc….

Thedolma 8d nlsMeta-Therapydolma 8d nlsfrequencydolma 8d nlstreatment

Thedolma 8d nlsbraindolma 8d nlswilldolma 8d nlsreceivedolma 8d nlsadolma 8d nlssignaldolma 8d nlsregardingdolma 8d nlsthedolma 8d nlsneeddolma 8d nlstodolma 8d nlstestdolma 8d nlsonedolma 8d nlsordolma 8d nlsmoredolma 8d nlsorgansdolma 8d nlsofdolma 8d nlsthedolma 8d nlsbody,dolma 8d nlswhichdolma 8d nlssignaldolma 8d nlsisdolma 8d nlsdisplayeddolma 8d nlsondolma 8d nlsthedolma 8d nlscomputerdolma 8d nlsmonitordolma 8d nlsanddolma 8d nlsisdolma 8d nlscaptureddolma 8d nlsindolma 8d nlsthedolma 8d nlsheadphonesdolma 8d nlsofdolma 8d nlssubject.dolma 8d nlsThedolma 8d nlssignaldolma 8d nlsrepresentsdolma 8d nlsadolma 8d nlsseriesdolma 8d nlsofdolma 8d nlselectromagneticdolma 8d nlsoscillationsdolma 8d nlscharacteristicdolma 8d nlsofdolma 8d nlshealthydolma 8d nlsorgans.dolma 8d nlsEverydolma 8d nlshumandolma 8d nlsbodydolma 8d nlspossessesdolma 8d nlsitsdolma 8d nlsowndolma 8d nlsparticulardolma 8d nlsspectrumdolma 8d nlsofdolma 8d nlselectromagneticdolma 8d nlsoscillations.dolma 8d nlsThedolma 8d nlsquestiondolma 8d nlsregardingdolma 8d nlsthedolma 8d nlsstatedolma 8d nlsofdolma 8d nlsthedolma 8d nlshealthdolma 8d nlscandolma 8d nlsbedolma 8d nlsexplored,dolma 8d nlsanddolma 8d nlsindolma 8d nlsresponsedolma 8d nlstodolma 8d nlsadolma 8d nlsquestion,dolma 8d nlsthedolma 8d nlssubject’sdolma 8d nlsbraindolma 8d nlsprovidesdolma 8d nlsandolma 8d nlsanswer,dolma 8d nlswhichdolma 8d nlsisdolma 8d nlsthendolma 8d nlsperceiveddolma 8d nlsbydolma 8d nlsthedolma 8d nlssensors.dolma 8d nlsThedolma 8d nlsoutcomedolma 8d nlsrepresentsdolma 8d nlsthedolma 8d nlsstatedolma 8d nlsofdolma 8d nlsthedolma 8d nlsbodydolma 8d nlsorganism.

dolma 8d nls

What is dolma 8d nls or dolma 8d nls?

What is dolma 8d nls or dolma 8d nls?

dolma 8d nls or dolma 8d nls is based on the concept and observation that all living organisms and their components, the cells, tissues and organs, emit measurable electromagnetic waves. The frequency of these waves can vary from cell to cell or organ to organ and from tissue to tissue, based on their biochemical and physiological environment. Accordingly, these can vary in responses to a variety of stresses from biochemical and physiological responses to pathogens, allergens, chemicals, or alteration in DNA. It has also been shown and measured that electromagnetic waves or oscillations emitted by diseased organs including cancer cells vary from those emitted by healthy cells due to their differences in cell metabolism and DNA damage.By working with different tissues and organs under different pathological conditions it has been shown that each disease state elicits its own signature resonance frequency compared to the healthy ones.

With modern electronic equipment it allows non-invasive scans for diagnosing different diseases. These diagnostic scans are not only non-invasive but can help diagnose even before the disease is full blown. The BioResonance Machine from dolma 8d nls is state of the art machine built with industry’s pioneering and most advanced hardware and software technology.Bacteria, viruses, allergies, fungi, waste toxins, hormonal imbalances, adverse stress responses and electromagnetic pollution from various sources alter the physiology, biochemistry and functions of various organs and tissues which manifests into disease state. This in turn interferes and alters the cell resonance frequencies. Logically it follows that altering the natural frequency of healthy organs will create an unhealthy environment for the cells and tissues which in turn can promotes allergies, illness and disease. It has been determined that resonance frequency emitted in diseased state compared to healthy one is lower and if compensated and increased by external input can help restore the energy deficit and promote healing and reversal of the disease state. In short unhealthy cells or organs emit altered electromagnetic waves and that changing these waves back to normal will minimize the damaging effects of the disease and promote healing and cure of the body. This is the basis of dolma 8d nls Biofeedback Therapy.

dolma 8d nls

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