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3d nls body health analyzer upgrade 8D nls health analyzer

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Category:3d nls body health analyzer upgrade 8D nls health analyzer
Language: Spanish, English, German, Czech, Korean, Russian, Japanese
Funtion:Detection, analysis and repair
Warrenty:2 year

Multi-function 8d nls health analyzer 

 What’s the 8d nls health analyzer principle?

8d nls health analyzer to light waves,sonar,through the eardrum into the human brain,use of quantum resonance techniques to probe the specific organs of the body tissue of the hydrogen atomic energy ,the resonance of electromagnetic waves and then feedback to the computer,Compared with fine huge database,thus find the detection organs present,past,and the next 3 ~5 years,the health status database was established by famous scientist of the former Soviet Union and the United States which spent 35 years,spending tens of billions of national research funds,a collection of different sex,different ages,different races,different diseases,different clinical data..


Introduction :

1. Power sourcevoltage 9-12v 500mA
2. The intensityofthe induction fieldglasses 100-400 mH atcurrent
voltage of 5v
3. Start-up timeand reset the buffer 5 sec
4. SyncSpeed 8 MB/sec
5. Frequency of internal oscillator field 5.45-5.51GHz
6. Light-interference resistance 4.17 W/m
7. Electromagneticnoise immunity in the fieldscentimeter 10-12mkVt/sm

the software is vector software (Optional) and it  is the best pre-clinical diagnostic device.

It can detect all the problem zones in a patient’s organism using its non-invasive methods.

By means of 8D NLS you can do it easy and quickly.

and the detection  speed is very quick.Average time of scanning, 2-3 seconds. 

it is – more advanced, has a large database, defines in more detail the diagnoses.

The most practical model.

the most advanced and the most trick out.

Do not set the screen resolution of 1024X768

Support O.S Window xp,window vista,window 7 Win8 win8.1 (32&64 bits)

Blood Type: A detailed description of the blood types and how a certain type can affect the client’s health

What can LRIS NLS device testing:

Complex Analysis of all organs and systems of the human body

The cardiovascular system

 Gastro-intestinal tract

Genital-urinary system

 Musculoskeletal system

 Bronchi-pulmonary system

 The endocrine system

Visual and hearing aids/organs

The nervous system

 Biochemical analysis of blood without interference 

Infection in the organs and systems – viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, helminths infection, etc. (staphylococci and streptococci, giardiasis, trichomonas, chlamydia, urea plasma, and so on)

 Qualitative assessment of hormone levels, adrenal, pituitary, pancreas, thyroid, gonads

Level of immunity

Allergy diagnosis (complex tests up to 500 allergens)

 Medical testing (individual selection of drugs

 Chromosomal diagnosis

 Laboratory Analysis (blood counts, biochemical parameters, hormones, trace elemens)

 Treatment of pathological processes identified by the bio resonance therapy (meta-therapy).

Extended list of groupings: Including fear, supplement groups, microorganisms and many others 

Aura: Gives a description of the Aura and a scan of the personal Aura of the client

(An aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds every living being and is manifested in the physical field by electrically charged objects that represent themselves as different colors that surround the body. This electromagnetic field can provide information regarding a person’s emotional state, the quality of consciousness and will determine the level of health regarding an individual organ and organ systems.)

The testing report:


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8D LRIS NLS device

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